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At Wholesome Love, I work with well-being as the foundation for positive change in the world. The change starts with your journey. To support you, I offer sessions designed to be a catalyst that helps you to heal and build energy to reach your goals and fulfill your potential through clarity and presence with your surroundings. The key principles I work with are self-love and autonomy, individual boundaries, body-awareness and the state of being in flow.

- Leneisja Jungsberg

Tantric Therapist and PhD in Social Science

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About Wholesome Love

Leneisja started Wholesome Love to support the creation of more love in the world.   

My background as a Tantric Therapist, certified by Lin Ananda Holmquist, enables me to support you in seeing and healing patterns no longer serving you in your mission in life.

The therapeutic approach I use is inspired by Tantric practice and philosophy, the theory of flow in life, breath work, the healing power of nature, yoga and body awareness.

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A loving presence that welcomes all of you

Wholesome Love is based on the philosophy that when we embrace the most wounded and shameful parts of ourselves, we grow.
The approach is holistic, and I use a wide range of tools and exercises inspired from NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and cognitive psychology to change internal and external perception of ourself and others. All exercises aim to create opportunities for individuals and communities.

What is a Tantric session?

A Tantric session supports well-being of body, mind and soul. 
Each session is unique, and I feel into the moment to guide you to access new inner resources. This approach invites you to let go in a safe space and brings healing to the most vulnerable parts of you to transform weaknesses into empowerment and strength.


What are the benefits of a Tantric session?

The benefit of a Tantric session is higher levels of energy through deep rejuvenating relaxation. A Tantric approach brings harmony between the thinking self and feeling self. Through working with the whole nervous system, Tantra can help you expand your comfort zone in a safe environment.  

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Scientific evidence

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual's life​

In the research on human potential and change, it has become evident that strong emotions are more likely to change neuroplasticity in the brain. Thus, working with the emotional and neurological connection that creates our reality is proven as an efficient approach to grow in love and life.

How is a Tantric session?

I strive to support individual growth through nourishing exercises where you experience wholesome love. 
A session can include: 1. Movement deepening the connection with yourself. 2. Exercises involving communication, touch and expression of emotions. 3. Breathwork, massage and meditation bringing relaxation and inner stillness


When do I need a Tantric session?

My mission with Wholesome Love is to identify the best strategies for dealing with challenges in life. The need for a Tantric session comes from the inner voice whispering about the possibility of change in your life. A session offers opportunity to rewire neurological patterns through pleasure in rejuvenating coaching, bodywork and massages.

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Martin Luther

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

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Make a change for yourself and your community today by inviting growth and expansion

The sections below give you a brief overview of the practical aspects of booking a session.


What are the practicalities of a Tantric Session?

Each session is based on your needs and state of being. Usually a session takes about two hours and it begins with you connecting to your body and a present intention. This part is followed by clarifying boundaries for physical touch. I work with qualities of acceptance, love and action as key principles in the healing process. It is possible to receive individual as well as couple's sessions.

Communication during the session can be in either English, Swedish or Danish.


What Tantric tradition is applied?

Tantra is a widely used word covering many different of practices from red (sexual) to white (meditative) tantra. 
My approach is rooted in a set of spiritual and embodied practices. It may be a conversation, a healing, a meditation, a massage or a combination. The different techniques I apply is to support you in your life to build connection and facilitate autonomous development. What practices we pursue depends on your intention and it usually becomes clear when we do a check-in as a start of the session.

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How can I book a session?

To book a Tantric session you can send me an email with a preferred time. When I have confirmed the date and time for the session, you pay a non-refundable deposit of 300 SEK to secure your spot. 

1 hour Tantric session: 1400 SEK

2 hours Tantric session: 2800 SEK

3 hour Tantric session: 4200 SEK

The session takes place in a cozy yoga studio near Globen (5 min from Skärmabrink t-bana station). 

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